FPJones100The Dimon Institute houses the complete archive of Frank Pierce Jones’ work which comprises one of the largest and most important scientific and historical collections on the Alexander Technique in the world. Jones was a classics professor who, after experiencing remarkable improvements in his health whilst studying with F.M. Alexander, embarked on a thirty- year investigation of the principles underlying Alexander’s discoveries on human behavior. The archive contains Jones’ research as well as more general correspondence, papers, articles, scholarly dissertations, taped interviews, and films. The collection consists of seven basic areas, as follows. Click on an item to learn more:

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FPJ Archives 1: Correspondence

Folder 1: Works by F.M. Alexander Autobiography and chronology Respiratory Re-education, 1907 F.M.A. listing in Who Was Who Introduction to a New Method of Respiratory Re-education, 1906 An Unrecognized Principle in Human Behavior Report of a Lecture by F.M.A., 1934...

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FPJ Archives 2: Research

Folder 1 1960 STAT Constitution and By-laws; letters; Legal information regarding what constitutes the practice of medicine; Minutes, ATA’s fIrst meeting April, 1980. Folder 2: Startle Pattern photographs — 1964. Folder 3: Startle Pattern: guide sheets and data Folder...

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FPJ Archives 3: Grant Proposals

Folder 1: Carnegie Grant Proposal, (6/3/54), “An Experimental Study in the Psychophysiology of Posture,” and correspondence Folder 2: Reports to Tufts on research projects (6/16/55) Folder 3: Technical paper by Jones and O’Connell given to the Photographic Society of...

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FPJ Archives 4: Papers on the Alexander Technique (2)

Folder 1 Mixon, Don, The Place of Habit in the Control of Action, 1979 Folder 2 Tresemer, D., The Scythe Book Folder 3 Turbayne, J., “John Dewey and F. Matthias Alexander,” term paper, 1948 Folder 4 Man-Tech (1972), Inhibition of Stress Responses, paper concerning the...

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FPJ Archives 5: Related Papers (Cont.)

Folder 1:   K Folder 2:   Klimowsky Folder 3:   Kuffler and Hunt Folder 4:   Lacey, J.I. Folder 5:   L Folder 6:   M Folder 7:   Malmo, R.B. Folder 8:   Margolis, H. Folder 9:   Maslow, A.H. Folder 10:   McFarland, R.A. Folder 11:   McLaughlin, S.A. Folder 12:  ...

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FPJ Archives 6: Masters theses and doctoral dissertations

Armstrong, Joe, Effects of the Alexander Principle in Dealing with Stress in Musical Performance, Master’s Thesis, Tufts University, 1975. Brown, Richard Alvin, Effects of Progressive Relaxation and the Alexander Technique on Response to Experimental Pain, Master’s...

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