This is awareness and consciousness explained practically. This work has opened my eyes and given me a new way to explore my mind, my body, myself.

— Xuejing Lin, doctoral student, Columbia University

The Conservatory puts the Dimon Institute’s theories and research into action, providing a path for students to live more mindfully and healthfully. More than a method or clinical practice, we explore psychophysical education through the practical science of increased awareness and control in activity.

[column-group] [column]What You’ll Learn:


  • To improve and maintain physical health, muscle tone, coordination and breathing.
  • Awareness and consciousness explained practically.
  • Mindfulness training: how to stay present and calm despite common stressors.
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge of the body and its working systems.
  • Hands-on teaching experience of the subject matter.[/column]
[column]Areas of Application:


  • Health: Improving psychophysical well being can address and often prevent common ailments.
  • Child Development: We study learning in and out of the classroom, and provide a new measure for assessing health and attention.
  • Skilled Activities: Mind/body coordination is the foundation for optimal performance in any skill, from hitting a fast ball to performing a Bach concerto.


[/column] [/column-group] Students range from professional teachers in every field, to prospective teachers who wish to specialize in Psychophysical Education. Graduates of the 3-year program are encouraged to stay on as student teachers and initiate research projects with the Institute.



The Conservatory provides a structure and clarity to how the body works. It’s not vague, it’s not based on someone else’s conjuring. This is concrete. I am learning a process that will improve my physical health and my singing, and I’m learning the means to maintain it.

— Setsuko Hata, singer, Conservatory student