Teacher Certification Program

Designed for serious practitioners and future teachers of this work, the Conservatory provides a three-year course of study leading to professional certification in Psychophysical Education and the Alexander Technique. We are an AmSAT certified program. Classes are held Monday through Thursday from 9am – 12pm. Students may enroll at the beginning of the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms. Details on tuition and fees are provided upon request.

Post-Graduate Studies

Conservatory graduates are invited to continue on as student teachers and gain practical hands-on experience in a classroom setting. Advanced students are encouraged to pursue professional specialization in areas of psychophysical development such as vocal study or mindfulness under the guidance of the Institute.  Those interested in child development, a core focus at the Dimon Institute, will have the opportunity to work with children as part of their ongoing study.

Continuing Education for Professionals

Professional educators and individuals interested in the concept of psychophysical education as a foundational base in classroom teaching, health care, and the performing arts can enroll with the Institute for short-term intensive study. This program is also available for credit, as part of a larger Masters program in psychology at Columbia Teachers College.

Columbia University Practicum (for credit)

Columbia100 Graduate students at Columbia University can participate in 1 or 2 semesters of practicum at the Dimon  Institute’s Conservatory. This unique opportunity provides graduate students with intensive instruction in psychophysical education and earn credits toward their Masters or PhD program.


Relief from back pain was the first positive result. I used to struggle a lot when studying and writing for school, and I had no energy for other activities. This work has set me free. It also helps with my spiritual/meditation practice. How can I set my mind free if I’m distracted by back pain?

— Xuejing Lin, Columbia University Practicum student