What About Alexander?

Anyone who has had experience with the Alexander Technique will recognize that a deep connection exists between F.M. Alexander’s work and that of the Dimon Institute. We often receive inquiries from the Alexander world on our relationship to the Technique and why we make such a clear distinction between our work and his, and our terminology and his. In short, our work is grounded in the incredible discoveries that Alexander made about human evolution and behavior and aligns with his belief that we as individuals must take conscious control of our psychophysical health. Much of the hands-on, experiential work we do also aligns with Alexander’s method.

The Dimon Institute seeks to teach and explore Alexander’s groundbreaking discoveries within the context of a developing field of study that can be embraced by academia and modeled in various educational environments. We provide a strong foundation in the theoretical and intellectual principles on which Alexander’s work is based, and demand that our graduates meet the highest standards of pedagogy in their own teaching.

Our approach to learning demands that students of the Institute think differently and work differently in order to understand and represent this compelling new field of study. We not only practice the principles of the Alexander Technique but explore, through both experiential and theoretical study, the meaning behind the principles. This requires theoretical training in relevant subjects, the ability to deeply question what is being learned and why, to think critically about the subject, and to fully understand and apply the discoveries in relevant fields such as child development, education, and health. We go deeply into the anatomical and neurological principles that govern the working of the primary control, and into the concepts of mind/body unity and conscious control that are central to Alexander’s theory. Students of the Dimon Institute graduate with certificates in the Alexander Technique and Psychophysical Education. We are an AmSAT certified, nonprofit organization.

Dr. Theodore Dimon & the Alexander Technique
Dr. Theodore (Ted) Dimon is a leading specialist in the field of education and human development. After completing his training in 1983 as an Alexander teacher at the Constructive Teaching Centre with Walter Carrington in London, he came back to the U.S. and studied biology, philosophy, psychology, and anthropology at Harvard University leading to a Masters degree and subsequently a Doctorate in Education in 1987.  Dr. Dimon is a founding member of AmSAT, the governing body for Alexander teachers and teacher certification programs in the U.S. He was  entrusted by Helen Jones, wife of Frank Pierce Jones, to oversee the Alexander Technique Archives, now part of the Dimon Institute library. Dr. Dimon opened his own Alexander certification school in 1997 and has since published seven books exploring the anatomy, neuromuscular, and postural systems, and his own theories on psychophysical health, several of which are standard reading material in Alexander training courses around the world.

I chose the Dimon Institute because I wanted a practical understanding of how my body works that could be explained to my students, to everyone. And I wanted the best education I could find. This is it.

— Danielle Amedeo, voice teacher & Conservatory student