Faculty and Affiliate Bios

Staff and teachers listed here are currently affiliated with the Dimon Institute. We do not list all graduates of our Conservatory program. If you’re looking for a teacher recommendation in your area, please send us an email.

Dr. Theodore Dimon

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Founder and Director

Ted Dimon, founder and Director of the Dimon Institute, trained at the Constructive Teaching Centre with Walter Carrington in 1981 and received Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Education from Harvard University.  As adjunct faculty at Teachers College, Columbia University, he teaches courses in pyschophysical education and is developing Master’s and Doctoral programs in this subject. His unique perspective in the Alexander Technique challenges teachers and students to explore the work academically and philosophically, as well as experientially. Dr. Dimon lectures internationally on anatomy, the voice, education, and on his work at Columbia University. He has published 7 books. Contact: Ted@dimoninstitute.org

Serena Woolf


Visiting Teacher

Serena Woolf MA, MSTAT, BSc (Hons) became interested in the Alexander Technique after reading Wilfred Barlow’s book The Alexander Principle and applied to train at ETAPP (Ecole de Technique FM Alexander pour la formation des Professeurs à Paris). She attended the school for two years and left to study Neurodynamics and Alexander Technique at The Dimon Institute, New York, for four years. Whilst in New York, Serena completed a Masters degree at Teachers College, Columbia University specializing in Dr. Theodore Dimon’s work on psychophysical education. Her Masters thesis on The Nature of Habit: F. M. Alexander and John Dewey won Second Prize in the Mouritz Award for writing on the Alexander Technique and was subsequently published in AmSAT Journal. After completing a further year of study at the Constructive Teaching Centre, London, Serena now teaches in the UK and France, and is a visiting teacher at The Dimon Institute.
Contact: serena.woolf@gmail.com | Tel: +44 (0)7444 513196

David Lopez Veneros



Student Teacher

David López Veneros discovered the Alexander Technique while studying Bassoon and Nursing in Spain, which led him to move to London in 2006 to train at the Constructive Teaching Center. He took lessons and continued a post-graduate training with senior teachers in the U.K. and the U.S., including Elizabeth Walker, a great life inspiration. He moved to NYC in 2012 where he earned an MA in Health Education and Promotion. He continues learning at the Dimon Institute. Contact: davidlveneros@gmail.com

James French


Student Teacher

James French has been training with Ted Dimon since 2013, having already begun study of the Alexander Technique in 2010 with Ariel Weiss in Philadelphia. James began his vocational training in the AT at Martha Hansen’s Philadelphia school for the Alexander Technique. He discovered in Ted’s work a broad view of the field of psychophysical education that links not only to physical coordination, skill, and stress, but to meditation and the cultivation of the personality. James took a degree in Philosophy from The Pennsylvania State University. Outside of class, he can be found on his fire escape, watering his basil plant. Contact: James.French.1@gmail.com

Danielle Amedeo


Marketing & Fundraising Manager 

Danielle has 7 years of experience  teaching voice and singing technique in the NYC area and is currently on faculty at CAP 21’s musical theater conservatory in Manhattan. She received her BFA from Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and studied voice pedagogy at Boston Conservatory. Danielle supports the marketing, fundraising and social media programs at the Dimon Institute in an effort to bring psychophysical education to academia, and to broader audiences around the world. She is a third-year student at the DI Conservatory. Contact: Danielle@dimoninstitute.org

Tara Fenamore


Program Administration

Tara Fenamore is a doctoral student in an interdisciplinary program that supports studies in Psychophysical Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Tara is a 2012 graduate of Sarah Lawrence College where she studied literature, religion, and dance. In 2015, she matriculated into an M.A. Program in Philosophy and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. At Teachers College, Tara discovered the emerging field of Psychophysical Education pioneered by Dr. Theodore Dimon. Excited by the work, Tara subsequently became a full-time student at The Dimon Institute. She considers it a great privilege to contribute to the development of the field in the anticipated roles of educator and academic.