Announcing the FIRST Doctoral Program in Psychophysical Education

BIG NEWS!! We are proud to announce that the first Doctoral Program in Psychophysical Education will begin this fall at Teachers College, Columbia University! Dimon Institute student, Tara Fenamore, will be researching psychophysical health and curriculum and teaching techniques in early childhood, with guidance from Dr. Dimon and in partnership with the Institute. We couldn’t be happier that this long awaited dream of ours is becoming a reality. Congratulations to Tara and everyone who helped to make this program happen!

In response to this exciting news, the Dimon Institute will¬†publish¬†a series of posts in the fall on Psychophysical Education – what it is, how it relates to the Alexander Technique (and how it differs!), and why we feel the field is so necessary right now. We’ll also talk a little bit about the doctoral program itself, and what we hope to achieve over the next few years. Thanks to everyone for your support!