(Article) The Nature of Habit: Alexander & Dewey

This week, we’d like to give a big round of applause to Dimon Institute graduate, Serena Woolf, whose Master’s thesis on John Dewey and F.M. Alexander was recently published in the AmSAT journal. Serena earned her Master’s degree from Teachers College, Columbia University with a specialization in psychophysical education, which she helped Dr. Dimon to develop. Her full bio is attached in the article.


We love that this paper provides clear examples of the influence Alexander had on Dewey’s revolutionary ideas. It also highlights aspects of his philosophy that remain overlooked even today because of his readers’ inability to comprehend the experiential aspects of Alexander’s work. We hope you enjoy it!

AmSAT Journal #9, Spring 2016, pp 46-56
by Serena J. Woolf, published in AmSAT Journal #9, Spring 2016.

About Serena J. Woolf
AmSAT Journal #9, Spring 2016, pp 46-56.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DCSerena Woolf became interested in the Alexander Technique after reading Wilfred Barlow’s book The Alexander Principle and applied to train at ETAPP (École de Technique F.M. Alexander pour la formation des Professeurs à Paris). She attended the school for two years and then studied at The Dimon Institute in New York City for four years. Whilst in New York, Serena completed a Master’s degree at Teachers College, Columbia University specializing in Dr. Theodore Dimon’s work on psychophysical education. Serena is currently finishing her studies at the Constructive Teaching Centre, London, England.