Philosophy of Human Design

Human design is the result of billions of years of evolution.

Although the evolutionary modifications leading to humans can be understood as the result of incremental changes taking place through natural selection, the Darwinian model cannot fully explain the design systems that emerge as a result of this process, such as upright posture, vision, and consciousness.

Biosynergetics is a term coined by Ted Dimon to represent the philosophical and theoretical study of man’s higher-order faculties based on an understanding of the emergence of complex designs in nature. Drawing from anatomy, biology, psychology, education, and neuroscience, biosynergetics identifies and describes the operating and control systems that make up the human design, the higher–order faculties that emerge from this design, how to use these systems in a more conscious and balanced way as the basis for a new model of holistic functioning and health, and how these systems contribute to new forms of apprehension and learning.  If you’d like to learn more, read this article.