Organization of Movement (4 papers)

All human movement contains a basic organizing principle, an active force that ensures effortlessness, vitality, and optimal control. This principle is the foundation for healthful functioning throughout life; it is also the basic mechanism over which we must gain control as the basis for higher levels of awareness and skill. This principle is fundamental to self-knowledge and will one day be understood as a key element in self-realization. In a series of four papers published by AmSAT Journal, the author looks at how the body is designed to function naturally – and how an understanding of the working of our human system provides the key to improved movement and health. Click on the titles below to download.

Part 1: How Muscles Work in the Context of the Skeletal Framework
AmSAT Journal #3, Spring 2013

Part 2: How Stretch Reflexes Convert the Musculoskeletal System into a Spring-Like Framework
AmSAT Journal #4, Summer 2013

Part 3: How the Relation of the Head to the Trunk Organizes Movement in Space
AmSAT Journal #5, Spring 2014

Part 4: Neck Reflexes: How the Neck reflexes Play a Key Role in Organizing Tone Throughout the Body
AmSAT Journal #6, Fall 2014