FPJ Archives 1: Correspondence

Folder 1: Works by F.M. Alexander
Autobiography and chronology
Respiratory Re-education, 1907
F.M.A. listing in Who Was Who
Introduction to a New Method of Respiratory Re-education, 1906
An Unrecognized Principle in Human Behavior
Report of a Lecture by F.M.A., 1934
Folder 2: F.M. Alexander bibliography (1906-1952), compiled by D. Price-Williams
Folder 3: FM. Alexander’s correspondence with F.P. Jones 1941-1943
Folder 4: F.M. Alexander’s correspondence with F.P. Jones 1944-1953
Folder 5: F.M. Alexander’s correspondence with Dewey and Jones, 1917-1947
Folder 6: F.M. Alexander’s Tea correspondence (1945-1946)
Folder 7: Trial covered by the Johannesburg Star (newspaper clippings, 2/16/48-4/20/48)
Folder 8: Letters between F.P Jones and G. Dykhuizen regarding F.M.A. and J. Dewey 1974
Folder 9: Alexander Foundation School– Media, PA 1946-1950
Folder 10: F.P. Jones: published works on Classics; biographical data; English Thesis; photographs of Jones, Alexander, and Dewey
Folder 11: F.P. Jones: assorted letters
Folder 12: F.P. Jones: article sent to Science (1974, unpublished: “Head Balance as a Postural Mechanism in Man”) and correspondence
Folder 13: F.P. Jones: Alexander Technique STAT letters re: founding of STAT Constitution
Folder 14: Sybille Bedford (Huxley’s biographer) and F.P. Jones letters: 1969-1972
Folder 15; Dr. Stanley Cobb-F.P. Jones and H. Schlosberg (Brown Univ. psychologist), letters: 1946-1964.
Folder 16: R. Dart and F.P. Jones correspondence: 1960-1967
Folder 17: Alexander, Gerda (Eutony) and the Copenhagen Congress; F.P Jones and Gerda Alexander letters: 1955- 1961
Folder 18: Wilfred Barlow
Folder 19: Goddard Binkley
Folder 20: F.P. Jones-Walter Carrington-Dr. Sharma
Folder 21: Walter Carrington
Folder 22: William Conable
Folder 23: Jeanne Day
Folder 24: F.P. Jones and Dr. George Draper Jr. letters: 1944
Folder 25: Nils Wessell Memorandum and Report by Ruth Elder, 1955 – “Physiology of Posture.”
Folder 26: Alma Frank
Folder 27: F.P. Jones’ and Schocken Books’letters (1975); Eva Glaser letters, (editor of Schocken Books), et al.
Folder 28: E.A.M. Goldie
Folder 29: Buz Gummere
Folder 30: Judith Leibowitz
Folder 31: F.P Jones and Rev. Eric McCormack letters: 1957-1962
Folder 32: Patrick J. MacDonald
Folder 33: Don Mixon
Folder 34: Alexander Murray
Folder 35: F.P. Jones and Schlosberg letters: 1947-1963
Folder 36: Jane Shenton and F.M. Alexander correspondence: 1944-1945
Folder 37: Irene Tasker
Folder 38: F.P. Jones and Nikolaas Tinbergen letters; Tinbergen Nobel Address and articles regarding the Croonian Lecture, 1972
Folder 39: Roger Tengwall
Folder 40: Roger Tengwall– Abstract and Dissertation: “On Human Postural Behaviors,” 1981; correspondence
Folder 41: Lulie Westfeldt
Folder 42: Alexander teachers
Folder 43: Alexander teachers
Folder 44: Jones re: Alexander Technique inquiries
Folder 45: F.P. Jones — American Center
Folder 46: F.P. Jones: assorted letters
Folder 47: Doctors, Editors, Ph.D.’s, Teachers (A-H)
Folder 48: Doctors, Editors, Ph.D.’s, Teachers (l-W)
Folder 49: Friends and Pupils
Folder 50: Film script on Alexander Technique — “Education – New Basis” by James Eastwood, 1962; correspondence regarding film: Carrington, Huxley, Jones, et. al.
Folder 51: Foreign Institutions (reprint requests)
Folder 52: Richard Gummere Jr: correspondence and Ed.D proposal (draft) 1951-1962
Folder 53: Copyright information (F.P. Jones publishers)
Folder 54: F.P. Jones — Psychology #152, Summer Student Reports, 1974
Folder 55: Robert E. Van Geuns Correspondence