FPJ Archives 2: Research

Folder 1
1960 STAT Constitution and By-laws; letters; Legal information regarding what constitutes the practice of medicine; Minutes, ATA’s fIrst meeting April, 1980.
Folder 2: Startle Pattern photographs — 1964.
Folder 3: Startle Pattern: guide sheets and data
Folder 4: Startle Pattern: preliminaries and data
Folder 5: Startle Pattern: force platform
Folder 6: Startle Pattern: data sheets and graphs
Folder 7: Startle Pattern: bibliography notes
Folder 8 : Psychology Review article: “Method for Changing Stereotyped Patterns by the Inhibition of Certain Postural Sets” 1965; article and original illustrations and photographs
Folder 9: Photographs from Helen Jones’ Masters Thesis: F.P. Jones guiding posture of children
Folder 10: Summary data: September 1956 — (See Log Book 2, p. 13, Folder 50)
Folder 11: Adjective Questionnaire checklist (1958-59), and data sheet #1: Subject’s Subjective Feedback
Folder 12: Adjective checklist, data sheet #2: Subject’s Subjective Feedback
Folder 13: Analysis – Blackbeard method, black and white: before and after data and graphs
Folder 14: Duplicate photographs for 1975 book
Folder 15: Breathing patterns — Sketches of expiration and inspiration
Folder 16: Breathing pattern data
Folder 17: Data from foot-lifting experiment
Folder 18: Hanson-Jones original manuscript: “Heart Rate and Small Postural Changes,” published in Ergonomics (7{25/68).
Folder 19: Hanson-Jones: “Study of Human Movement” (1969)
Folder 20: F.P. Jones, “Head Balance and Voice Production in Singers,” fmished paper, earlier drafts, and notes
Folder 21: F.P. Jones, Memo on the facilitation of anti-gravity responses
Folder 22: Movement pattern as an index of fatigue, progress report (study) by Jones and Hanson
Folder 23: Data for Psychology Review article
Folder 24: Psychology Review article, “A Method for Changing Stereotyped Response Patterns by the Inhibition of Certain Postural Sets” (1965), and correspondence
Folder 25: Psychology Review article, early revision entitled “The Facilitation of Anti-Gravity Reflexes in Man.”
Folder 26: Psychology Review article, miscellaneous
Folder 27: Eastern Psychological Association abstract on “The Facilitation of Anti-Gravity Reflexes in Man”
Folder 28: Fulton Society, abstract on “The Influence of Postural Set on Pattern of Movement in Man” and discussion
Folder 29: Fulton Society
Folder 30: Fulton Society Paper continued, correspondence and notes
Folder 31: “The Effect of Head Balance on Human Movement,” article published in the Journal of Psychology, 1959
Folder 32: Color Wheel, record of invention and notes
Folder 33: Kinesthetic Perceptions: Psychology Colloquium Talk, “Kinesthetic Perception and the Postural Reflexes,’ 1957
Folder 34: Physical education study questionnaires and checklists
Folder 35: Polygraph records (spring 1958)
Folder 36: Postural discrimination tests (October 1957)
Folder 37: Postural discrimination, notes and photos of sitting and standing (before and after a lesson)
Folder 38: Postural discrimination, notes (May 1958)
Folder 39: Rifle firing — patterns of muscle soreness
Folder 40: Semantic differentials, physical education vs. physical therapy
Folder 41: Sit-stand with pressure at back, data graphs
Folder 42: Sit-stand motion patterns from projected films, data graphs
Folder 43: Sit-stand pattern analysis, black and white (data graphs)
Folder 44: Slow movement judgments (questionnaire)
Folder 45: Speech II study (notes)
Folder 46: Walking: 1. height/step ratio; significance test 2. black and white (data graphs)
Folder 47: F.P. Jones — notes from student journals and notes on students discussing effects of Alexander lessons
Folder 48: Unused glossy prints showing animal and infant movement (in outline), and head balance
Folder 49: Research notebook I (1955)
Folder 50: Research notebook II (1955-1958)
Folder 51: Research notebook 1lI (1958-1960)
Folder 52: Research notebook IV (1960-1963)
Folder 53: Research notebook V (1963-1964)
Folder 54: Research notebook VI (1964-1966)
Folder 55: Research notebook VII (1966-1970)
Folder 56: Research notebook VIII (1970-1971)
Folder 57: Research notebook IX (1972-1974)
Folder 58: Research notebook X (undated)
Folder 59: Subjects (Step Test)– data