The Dimon Institute seeks to understand man’s potential to live consciously and holistically through a practical understanding of the human organism in action. We model the application of these ideas in the fields of education and health. We teach individuals looking for personal knowledge and insight, and continue to advance the field through scholarship and scientific research.

THE CONSERVATORY Institute100 Students from around the world study psychophysical education at the Conservatory. Current and future teachers learn to incorporate insights from this work into their chosen fields of study.
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ProgramsRESEARCH The Institute explores new models of education and learning. We collaborate with doctoral students and Columbia University Teachers College to advance knowledge in these areas. Learn More

EVENT: Horses, Humans & the Alexander Technique
Elizabeth Reese teaches veterinarians to apply AT to horses, with incredible results. Come learn about her work, field research, and explore how these lessons can be applied to humans.   Learn more


EVENT: Neurodynamics Talk & Toast Join Dr. Dimon at Teachers College, Columbia University to discuss his new book, Neurodynamics: the Art of Mindfulness in Action. (Free) Learn More…

The Dimon Institute is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that relies on donations for the advancement of its work. We welcome visiting scholars, teachers, and students.